1. The last of Canada’s troops in Afghanistan return home in Ottawa, Ontario on Tuesday, March 18, 2014. With the last of the country’s deployed troops back from Afghanistan, this signifies an end to Canada’s longest ever military engagement. (AFP Photos/Cole Burston)


  2. Gillian Wood plays with daughter Trinity, 4, in their Ottawa home on April 10, 2014. Through the costly process of in vitro fertilization, Gillian and her husband were able to conceive Trinity, but the $38,000 price tag put a strain on their finances and doing it all over again to ensure their daughter a sibling is out of the question financially. (Cole Burston/Ottawa Citizen)


  3. Shot food as part of this project with Jackpine  - http://union613.ca


  4. Chelsea, Que. Sunday, March 9, 2014 - Gabriel LeBlanc launches in the air during Freestyle Canada’s Canadian Series Mogul Competition at Camp Fortune March 9, 2014. (Cole Burston/Ottawa Citizen)


  5. Ottawa Public Works Department blasts ice along the Rideau River on March 08, 2014, in Ottawa, to battle the risk of spring flooding. The daylong process helps alleviate blockages that occur during the spring thaw along the river. (Cole Burston/For The Globe and Mail)


  6. 19-year-old Colby Huybregts, a first year student of the Ontario Agricultural College at University of Guelph’s Kemptville Campus often helps out around his fathers dairy farm in Crysler, Ontario. The University of Guelph’s decision to close agriculture campuses left communities in Eastern Ontario frustrated, worried and rushing to preserve some of the programs and jobs on the chopping block. (Cole Burston/For The Globe and Mail)


  7. Recent portraits shot for Ottawa Business Journal


  8. Ottawa, Canada - February 23, 2014: Canadians watch the olympic gold medal hockey game between Canada and Sweden Real Sports Bar & Grill in Ottawa, Canada on February 23, 2014. Canadians cheered from bars, community centres and homes as the Men’s hockey team took the gold medal over the Swedes in a 3-0 victory. (Cole Burston/Xinhua) 


  9. Canadian Army Veterans and injured soldiers attend a winter sports clinic at Calabogie Peaks Resort in Calabogie, Ontario on February 14, 2014. A group of 18 Canadian and US soldiers and veterans, who attended the 4th annual Canadian Association for Disabled Skiing’s Winter Sports Clinic for Injured Soldiers/Veterans at the resort. The 5-day event brought the soldiers and veterans together in skiing, sledge hockey, and swimming activities. (Cole Burston/For The Globe and Mail)


  10. The winner of the 51 km Men’s race Colin Abbott of Yukon sprays champagne in the face of 2nd place finisher Chris Ziegler of Burlington, VT during the 2014 Gatineau Loppet in Gatineau, QC on February 15, 2014.  (Cole Burston/SkiTrax)


  11. Competitors set off on 51km freestyle and 27km ski races during the 2014 Gatineau Loppet, in Gatineau Park, QC on February 16, 2014. (Cole Burston/SkiTrax)


  12. Ottawa RedBlacks newly signed veteran QB, Henry Burris puts on his new team’s hat during the signing announcement in Ottawa on February 4, 2014. Cole Burston/Ottawa Citizen


  13. Some recent portraits I shot. All Photos Cole Burston/Ottawa Business Journal


  14. The Canadian University Chess Championships in Ottawa on January 12, 2013. (Photos/Cole Burston)


  15. Scott Murray, suffering from non-hodgkin’s lymphoma, who now says he’s “on bonus time”, as doctors gave him until this past Christmas, is running into financial issues as he tries to balance his pharmacy bills among everything else. Swallowing his pride, Scott made a sign and panhandled in order to buy some food to fill his empty fridge and feed his cat, Smokey when the Food-bank was closed. Touched by the generosity of those who gave him money, he wrote a thank you letter into The Citizen.  Closing the letter with: “Thank you to anyone who gave me a dime or a twenty dollar bill. You have hearts as big as our snowbanks in the city. Yours Humbly, Scott Murray.” Cole Burston/Ottawa Citizen